“It Is Not Truth That Matters, but Victory”

POWER is the root of all evil. At least that is what I have read and heard.

Today, after the Freeh report came out about the scandal that has surrounded Penn State since November, we learned more about what power truly is and what it’s really about. It’s about victory. It’s about covering up the truth. It’s about protecting your own ass.

I wrote a blog in November with the title “I Wish I Had Done More”. Those who had the power to do more did nothing. I didn’t realize when I wrote this blog, that they really COULD have done more a long time ago. They could have done more back in 2001. Ten years before this horrific abuse came to light; four men had the chance to do more. They had the chance to do the right thing. They chose victory over the truth. They chose to put the best interest of a football program and the legacy of a coach, before the children who will forever be scarred. They had the power to make sure that an incident that happened in 1998 never would happen again. They chose victory over the truth. They chose to be on the WRONG side of right and wrong. They chose to be on the WRONG side of history. They chose victory over the truth. They will be remembered as the four men who ruined the lives of so many young people. They will be remembered as those who chose victory over the truth! They will PAY for that victory!!

The quote above, the title for this blog, is from another man who was on the WRONG side of right and wrong. His name was Adolph Hitler…

Thanks for reading, and remember,

Never Strike Out!



    • Tom Koyzis
    • July 12, 2012

    The whole thing disgusts me, so….
    And there are still so many PSUers that still jump to his defense!

    If this whole story had occurred at Michigan State, I would certainly not be jumping in to defend anyone at the university….

    • Burton Tidwell
    • July 12, 2012

    Thanks, Dave, for a wonderfully articulate and to-the-point commentary on the pathetic Penn State saga. Knowing what we can observe of the present political scene and human condition, I truly fear how many follow Hitler’s philosophy. Continue your path toward making a difference in this world. You are a great and inspiring leader, and I personally am moved to learn more of your work since the huge impact of “Behind the Mask.”

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