25Years After The Mask Came Off

25 Years ago this month, my autobiography, Behind The Mask, was published.  From the day I made my first public appearance on national TV (not as an umpire) my life has never been the same.

Since that time, I have been supported by so many people and humbled by those who have taken the time to write or email me their thoughts. I have received over 100,000 letters from those who found the courage to share their stories with me, and to thank me for telling them my story. It is impossible for me to let all of those who took the time to write exactly how much it helped me to receive their letters. Whether it was Cory, the young man from South Carolina, who wrote to tell me how I gave him the courage to be himself, or the mom from Michigan who thanked me for helping her get insight into her own children, I am and always will be grateful they reached out.

Over this last quarter century I have had the pleasure to speak in front of so many people. Whether it was a corporate site, a conference, or a college campus, the experience was always rewarding. Close to 1000 appearances later, the universal question to me from the audience has always been ‘what’s next for Dave’. Well, I have said many times that I found my soul mate and love of my life in my partner Keith, and that I wasn’t sure if there was a ‘what’s next’. However, I have decided I have more to say, and in the coming weeks, I will be able to share with those who continue to ask ‘what’s next for Dave’, what really is next. I will finally be able to share the story after the mask came off!! I hope you will be as excited to hear about it, as I am to tell it.

Thanks for reading, and remember,

Never Strike Out!!