Dave's Highly Acclaimed Presentations

The Best Seat in the House
But You Have to Stand!!

Dave’s presentation on the American pastime will take you behind the scenes like you’ve never been before. His hour and half long presentation takes you inside the game of baseball from the rare perspective of ‘behind the mask’. Drawing from his journey umpiring in the NY Penn League, to winter ball in the Dominican Republic, and finally to the National League his stories touch on managers and players from when they were in the minor leagues through their tenure in the majors. His interactions with managers Tommy Lasorda, Frank Robinson, and Bobby Cox, as well players like Steve Carlton, Nolan Ryan, Pete Rose, Joe Neikro and others will make you cry with laughter.

For fans, you get the opportunity to ask your favorite baseball questions. Did Don Sutton ever scrape the ball with a razor blade, or did Mike Scott use sandpaper? Could Nolan Ryan really throw a fastball 100 miles an hour? Did Barry Bonds really use steroids? Did Dave know that Pete Rose bet on baseball? How about the strike zone? And of course, the inside story of the famous altercation with Pete Rose. 

The video shows only what the eye can see…but you have to hear the whole story to know EXACTLY what really happened!! Funny and insightful, this is a must see for baseball fans, their families, and for those who enjoy the insider view on baseball.

Who's Really on First?

Dave's unique style is like being at a fireside chat. With his humor and honesty, his audience is taken on a roller coaster ride from his time in major league baseball, to his personal struggle for finding inner-peace. Dave gets his audience laughing with his stories from baseball, and in tears with stories of his personal life. The title of his presentation, says it all: do you know 'Who's Really on First'...

Above is a short excerpt from Dave's presentation 'Who's Really on First?'
Below, Dave delivers this message 20 years later.

Additional Information

Presentation Requirements
The following are suggestions that will allow Dave’s presentation to be the most successful. They are, however, not absolutely necessary and we will be glad to discuss other options.

Audio-Visual Requirements
Wireless lapel microphone. If a wireless microphone is not available, Dave requires a lapel microphone with at least a 30 foot cord.

LCD projector and Screen
For front-screen projection, please place projector in a corner of the room so that Dave’s movement will not interfere with the image. Dave will be showing two videos. The format is DVD.

Dave prefers not to be on a stage, however if there is a stage in the room please allow at least ten feet for Dave to move around. He does not use a podium.

Please have the room lights as high as possible. Please dim the screen area , but leave full house lights on during the program.

Audience Seating
Please make every effort to have the audience seated close to the stage and as close to each other as possible. This will help insure a more enjoyable experience for all.


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