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Dave - just wanted to thank you again for a great conversation this morning. We had almost 600 people who watched on the WebEx and and another ~30 in person across our locations. The feedback we’ve received so far has been very productive and helpful. From here, we’d like to consolidate the outstanding questions we have and share them with you for your review and responses. Please be on the lookout for that in the next few days. Safe travels and hope your predictions come true in the Draft later today!
Keri Glitch – VP and Chief Information Security Officer MISO Energy
Personally, I became a fan of Dave’s as soon as I read “Behind the Mask” years ago. Not only was there the immediate baseball connection, but the way Dave deals with life’s challenges is inspirational, no matter what issues a person may encounter. Finally, having Dave here at the New York Power Authority to speak with our employees for pride month was one of the highlights of my career. His message is clear, but the manner in which he relates his stories makes you feel that you are listening to a friend sitting in your living room. He truly impacted everyone in the room. My friend, my hero, thanks!
Helene Raps-Beckerman
New York Power Authority
Thanks so much for coming to campus this past October 10th. I was particularly pleased that you were able to present your talk to the class, Introduction to Sociology through the Study of Inequality, and that the Kinesiology Student Government invited you to speak to their students and faculty…And most important of all, you touched indelibly the life of at least one student who clearly needed the benefit of your wisdom.
Helen Welford-Arts & Programs Coordinator
The University of Michigan
I want you to know how much I appreciated you coming to St. John Fisher College. I cannot say enough on how well you were received here and what a fantastic job you did. I have never seen a large group of Freshman so attentive before. We can’t wait to have you back to Fisher and we continue to highly recommend you to other colleges…
Beth E. Herberger-Director of Student Life
St. John Fisher College
The true test of a good speaker is not how many people show up or how loud the applause is; it is the lasting impact of the presentation and how well the speaker stimulates thought, and challenges the group to action. Given those criteria, you passed the Washington College test with flying colors!
Sarah Feyerherm- Director of Student Development Programs
Washington College
Most of our mandatory presentations are not well received by all of our student-athletes, but by certain populations. I can tell you that instead of the silence or disgruntled attitudes, that our students talked a lot and talked positively amongst themselves at practice about your sexual orientation, diversity and self honesty presentation. I heard this feedback from the students, but also received positive comments from our coaching staff about the same thing. Once you are around the CHAMPS Life Skills program enough, you will learn that this is a difficult task to get positive feedback from coaches, athletes and administrators.
Christina S. Wujek-Assistant Director of Student-Athlete Support Services
University of Denver
I just wanted to send you a quick note to say Thank you for your presentation to our student athletes…many of our sutudent athletes left with more positive paradigms towards gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgendered individuals. One athlete wrote…” Unlike other guest speakers, he was more personal and friendly.”…Thank you again and we look forward to having you at Ohio State again in the near future.
Debbie Heiman- PHD-Life Skills Program
Ohio State University
I have brought Dave to the College twice, booked him at the University of San Diego (I was at USD for fourteen years) and attended Dave’s educational session at the ACUI Annual Conference in Dallas (he also sponsored the LGBT night out event at the ACUI Annual Conference in New York the following year). Dave not only provides a riveting keynote presentation, but is also available to meet informally with student leaders, athletes, administrators and faculty members on the campuses he visits. Although Dave is celebrating the twentieth anniversary of his autobiography, “Behind the Mask: My Double Life in Baseball” this year, his message is still relevant and inspiring.
Susan Payment-Director of Student Life
College of Charleston
Courage, respect, and individuality are qualities that Dave passionately shares with his audiences, which are all universal messages college students can relate to during such a significant self-developmental stage in their lives. I recommend Dave to any university or athletic department wanting to provide more awareness or an understanding of sexual orientation.
Louise Torgerson, Ed. M.-Life Skills Coordinator Gonzaga University Athletics
I wanted to write in regard to our recent visit by Dave Pallone. His opening with the video of his famous confrontation with Pete Rose gives him instant credibility with the student athletes. He never lectures, never preaches, never waves an accusatory finger, just relates his story to the kids in a conversational tone. He talks about respect – respect for one another and respect for yourself. A hush settled over the student athletes that was surprising, no texting, no cell phones, they paid rapt attention for the entire one and half hour presentation. After more than forty years in the business I was shocked and pleased.
Joe O’Donnell-Athletic Director Pace University
I want to take this opportunity to thank you for your most recent visit to our campus and for the outstanding way you interacted with and related to our students, faculty and staff. This is the third time we have hosted you and each time your message becomes more passionate and more important. Maybe it has something to do with the fact you are so comfortable in any setting or maybe it is due to your ability to make people feel at ease talking to you. Whatever it is, you “hit the mark” here last week.
John C. Harper-Athletic Director Bridgewater State University
Dave your presentation was an absolute home run…I have received outstanding feedback…We may bug you for a return event! As for me personally, I admire both your speaking ability and your personal courage. I learned from your session, and it was like being at a damned movie; I didn’t want the two hours to end!
K. Dean Moore-Director Human Resources Eastman Kodak Company
Dave was exceptionally well received and touched everyone with his life and baseball experiences.  We had some concerns about homophobia among our craft employees and a lack of sensitivity to their fellow workers, who may be LGBT or have friends and family members that were LGBT.  Dave’s presentation  was really a watershed event and went a long way in helping our workforce to be more open and accepting of those that may be different from us.  
Dave MacFarland-Manager PECO Energy
Please accept my sincerest gratitude for your valuable contributions to the  NCAA Title IX Seminar. Your dedication and participation were integral to the essential provision of accurate and useful information during a time of ambiguity concerning Title IX…They loved you! (So do I).
Rosie Stallman- Director of Education Outreach
National Collegiate Athletic Association
Thank you for participating as a keynote speaker in our National Industry Liaison Group Conference in Seattle. The evaluations of your session were overwhelmingly positive……Like many of my peers in attendance at the conference, I plan to sponsor you as a speaker at my facility….I appreciate your courage, your energy, and your willingness to share your pain as well your successes.
Arantza Zabala-Co-Chair and Director
National Industry Liaison Group Conference
“It is through the support of individuals like you that we are able to continue strengthening our programs…Thank you for sharing with us your time and knowledge…You have inspired us to continue advocating for workplace equality for all.”
Selisse Berry-Executive Director
Out & Equal Workplace Advocate
Thank you for participating in the NCAA CHAMPS/Life Skills Continuing Education Conference, “Coming Home: Returning to Our Roots,” as the keynote speaker…You were a big HIT…I believe that your messages were heard loud and clear by our coordinators…Many of them were very interested in booking you on their campuses.
Timothy M. Clark-Assistant Director of Education Outreach
On behalf of SHRM, I would like to express our gratitude for speaking at our Workplace Diversity Conference. The conference was a success and we appreciate your contribution. Your evaluation rating was 3.8130 out of a possible 4.0000 which was higher than the overall average evaluation of 3.5669
Michelle Dolieslager-Education Coordinator
Society of Human Resource Management
In the words of our leaders as well as the workers at DuPont, your presentation was “eye-opening, honest, inspirational and thought provoking”…… I have and will continue to highly recommend your presentation to everyone I know.
Tim D. Arnold-Network Liaison
Dupont Corporation
As one of Chubb’s designated champions of diversity issues, I’m always looking for ways to defuse highly-charged, combative debates and transform them into reasoned and productive exchanges among colleagues. By being approachable, engaging, and rising above the rhetoric, you provided an impressive model for achieving that higher plane.
David Fowler-Executive Vice President
Chubb Group Insurance Companies
An excellent speaker, Dave made a major contribution in advancing the goals of our Diversity Series. It is without reservation that I recommend Dave Pallone as a diversity trainer and keynote speaker.
Thomas Rahilly-Senior Vice President Human Resources
Mastercard International