What’s In a Name

Well, it’s almost a month since my return to Colorado, and I am still trying to get all my ducks in a row! With registering my car, getting a new driver’s license, and finding a good pet sitter, it has been a little daunting. However it’s all worth it, and I am glad that I have this challenge 🙂

Continuing the theme of posting letters that I have received from the result of Behind the Mask, I have picked this one to share with you. A few months back, I received a letter, that quite frankly knocked the wind out of me. It was so fascinating, that I shared it with two very dear  friends of mine. They too were amazed. In the words of one of them “We impact people in ways we don’t even know – so it’s nice when someone tells us!” I knew that this would be one letter that I would have to post, so this is the time. After reading it, you will understand why it threw me for a loop!

Thanks for reading, and remember,

Never Strike Out!

Dear David

It used to bother me how your notoriety would have an affect on my feelings when people used to say to me “not Dave Pallone the umpire” after a personal introduction. Of course that was twenty years ago and times and society itself have changed drastically towards alternate lifestyle choices. Today however I was reminded of those feelings when a gentleman sat down in my office and saw the name and promptly questioned my background again. He himself being an ex umpire, we discussed the current state of affairs in the major league championship series and also moved closer to a possible transaction for my current profession. After he left I sat down at my computer and googled David Pallone as I have done many times in the past. I went to your website and read a few items and articles and felt compelled to finally contact the person whose existence has caused me mixed feelings. Just so you know a little about me since I know your history from what I’ve read about you, I’m 49 years old and am from New Jersey originally and have been married twice with 5 children. I’ve always been in sales and am currently a sales manager at a car dealership in California. I just wanted to let you know some feelings I have had brewing within me. I am now at a point in my life where I can honestly say I admire you and your mission. I appreciate the quote about being hated, not that it applies to me but still  it hits home. I was around 30 years old when you first started appearing regularly in the news and at the time it made me uncomfortable when people would ask if I was you but today for the first time it was cool, I guess I’ve matured and accepted things after all these years. You are probably wondering about this e-mail and why I”ve written it but its been twenty long years and I feel differently finally about this situation, so I have to say it’s a great name and after everything that’s happened now I have to say upon reflection and after reading your website again, congratulations, you made it an even greater name. I hope you have enjoyed reading this.

(I just had to get it off my chest)

Yours truly,

David Pallone

Sales Manager

    • Jeremy Hickman
    • February 14, 2010

    Awesome, people can impact people. Love this!

    • Jon T
    • January 12, 2010

    Wow, that’s really cool!

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